House-made bean burger

House-made bean burger

August 18, 2017 restaurantaudubon 0

house madeWe researched a lot about hamburger recipes in books, on the internet, studied, interviewed professionals, and did countless tests until you came up with the perfect recipe for a perfect hamburger. Although the recipe has more steps than the traditional ones, it is worth to try the exotic mix using beans. And our recipe is not just like making a homemade hamburger, what we teach is how to make real hamburger using professional techniques from the best hamburgers in Brazil and the world. In the past, traditional hamburgers prepared the hamburger using only duck, soft stew or other meat of preference. But for your burger to have unparalleled personality and taste you need to choose at least two cuts of meat to come up with a unique result. This mixture will enrich the taste, because each cut of meat has different amounts of sauce (some are more others are less irrigated), texture according to the body part of the animal and consequently the taste will be different.

The secret is in the addition of ground bacon and chimichurri (Argentine seasoning) in the burger mixture. It goes well accompanied with caramel onions, beans and potatoes.

We have lost count of how many hamburgers we have eaten and to this day we realize that several hamburgers continue to make basic mistakes in the preparation of the homemade hamburger. But do not worry, the best news is that making a homemade hamburger or hamburger is super easy and cheap, just follow our tips.

The main thing is to choose a good butchery, which serves fresh meat and good origin. Remember that if the meat is not fresh or not good, your hamburger will not taste good. The price of the unit would be very high and the result would not be the best, nor was there a mixture of meat. In practice, those who still use the hamburger burger artifice to attract customers or even increase the value of hamburgers end up mixing other cheaper meats so they can have something financially viable (see the blend there) or use only the fat of the picanha to Give the flavor. So, do not kid yourself, run away from the hamburger of picanha or remember that it will always be a blend that takes picanha or its fat in the beans mixture.

In addition to being healthy, the recipe does not carry meat and can also be consumed by vegetarians. The meat and its fat are the only ingredients of the burger, so if they are not good, they will never reach the perfect burger.

Practicality is one of the reasons many buy meat at the grocery store, but the meat sold in these stores takes a long time to reach the shelves. Time and oxygen is the greatest enemy of the flesh. Vacuum packed meats may be an option as they are not exposed to air. For those who are fond of spicy food, this is a good request. But in the supermarket, the butcher will hardly do the preparation as we recommend, they do not have time for this. So, the ideal is to choose a good butchery that offers a good service.


A well-seasoned patty made of black beans, pinto beans, corn, barley, and corn chips spiked with garlic and ancho, among other seasonings. This burger also has lettuce, chipotle mayonnaise, and tomato-cilantro pico de gallo on a French bread roll, soft on the inside, a touch of crust on the outside. Crispy roasted potatoes with house-made spicy ketchup round out the plate.

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