Tasty Hamburges

Tasty Hamburges

August 18, 2017 restaurantaudubon 0

our hamburgerIf you want to eat a tasty hamburger, the first of the techniques that the professionals use is the meat blend, that is, the mixture between different cuts of meat so that the hamburger has unique flavor.

The fat that will be used to compose your blend, will be one of the main responsible for the final taste. So in the recipe for a perfect hamburger the only ingredients are meat and fat.

The idea of ​​making the old well-known picador burger is bullshit, hardly any hamburger that claims to have picador burger on the menu uses 100% of picanha in its hamburger. This is because it is economically unfeasible to grind expensive meat like this to make hamburger. Those who are accustomed to buying meat find it easy to identify which are the cheapest and most expensive meats. And you can go further, you know which ones are harder, softer, which are good for the barbecue or the mincemeat. But do you know which part of the ox it belongs to? Most of the time the answer is no. So let’s give a brief explanation that will facilitate the origin of the cuts of meat and which serve to prepare a good hamburger.

The main tip is to divide the ox in front and rear. The buttocks are basically BBQ steaks and softer ones. The front ones are harder and very good meats for the burger.

The first quality of the meat from the front is the taste, no one wants to eat a tasteless burger. And to complete are cheaper meats as they are harder to prepare because they are harder. But the hamburger is made from ground beef, so there is no problem in using harder meats, what is more important is the taste. Avoid high-strung meats, otherwise when grinding and making your hamburger you will find those undesirable bits with every bite – that spoils everything.

In front of the ox, the most common meats in the hamburger are: breast, breast and neck. If you choose at least one of these, you’re likely to get it right. Other options that appear less are the palette racket and the costel.

All of them cost little and are very tasty, especially if combined with each other or with others. The combination between front and rear cuts is not forbidden, it will work well, but the more noble meat you use, the more expensive your blend will be. Always look for the ideal flavor, for your hamburger to have a particular touch.

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